Tumbling classes are offered not only to athletes who are on a team, but to anyone who wants to learn to tumble or who wants to be a cheerleader in the future.

Tumbling classes are an hour long and are $65.00 a month if you are NOT an Envy Cheer All Star team member.

If you are on an All Star team tumbling classes are included in your tuition.  Envy Cheer All Star Prep team members are offered tumbling classes for $30 a month.


Tiny Tumbling


       Requirement - None

       Class Objective - Develop motor skills, hand eye coordination, muscle memory & body control

       Focus - Basic motor skills &coordination, forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels

Level 1 Tumbling

       Requirement - None

       Class Objective - Improve flexibility, upper body strength & overall coordination to prepare for Level 2

       Focus - Forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs

Level 2 Tumbling

       Requirement - Solid round-off

       Class Objective - Continuing Level 1 objectives while perfecting the back handspring & developing confidence   for Level 3

       Focus - Standing back handspring, round-off back handspring (series)

Level 3 Tumbling

       Requirement - Round-off back handspring (series) WITHOUT a spot

       Class Objective - Continuing Level 2 objectives while perfecting the back handspring & series.

                                          Starting the back tuck in preparation for Level 4

       Focus - Round-off back handspring series, back tuck (PREP)

Level 4 Tumbling

       Requirement - Round-off back handspring  back tuck

       Class Objective - Perfecting proper technique for tumbling & more advanced tumbling skills

       Focus - Round-off back handpring back tuck, layout, full

Level 5 Tumbling

       Requirement - Round-off back handspring layout/full

       Class Objective - Continuing Level 4 objectives, as well as, new skills including double fulls, arabians & other alternate passes

       Focus - Perfecting proper technique & building confidence for college level cheerleading







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